Motivated by God’s glory, we are driven to reflect Christ’s character by way of obedience through His Spirit.


Family Camp

August 16-18 2019

1140 Pinecrest Road, Twin Peaks, CA 92391

Please Arrive by 6pm for our first session.

The Garden of Eden is the first temple where God’s presence first dwelled. The sum goal of God creating the heavens and earth is joyful union with God. Eden, where God first dwelt, thrived with life. Fruits and vegetation grew in abundance. Adam and Eve were to be fruitful and…

God, in the OT, commanded Israel to offer their first fruit of the harvest to Him in worship. God, through Paul and the rest of the NT writers, proclaim that the church now is the first fruit of the harvest. Canvassing the harvests in both the OT and NT reveals at least…